Bloomsbury Pakistan is pleased to announce the inauguration of an annual book prize. The prize, of £1000, will be awarded to the most outstanding academic book published in English in the previous calendar year on a topic or theme connected to the history / politics / society / economy / culture either of Pakistan within its present borders or of the communities of South Asia where the work is broadly relevant to Pakistan. The successful book will have made an original contribution to scholarly understanding of the lives and experiences of the people of Pakistan or South Asia.

The selection of the winning entry will be made by the Bloomsbury Pakistan Board of Trustees on the recommendation of a selection committee. Nominations can be made by the authors themselves, by their publishers or by any other individual of academic standing. A summary of the book of between 500 and 1000 words highlighting its contribution must be submitted with the nomination, together with a brief bio of the author. One hard copy of the book must be submitted together with an electronic link that can be accessed by members of the selection committee. The selection committee will in the first instance prepare a short list and those authors whose books have been included will be notified. The short list will also be published on the Bloomsbury Pakistan website.

It is hoped to complete the selection of the inaugural prize winner by 14 August 2022 in order to mark the 75th anniversary of Pakistan’s creation. Nominations of the books published in 2021 must be received by 31 January 2022 and should be sent to Dr Maria Rashid <>.

Questions on scope and procedure should be sent to the same address. Please note the following:

  • Date of publication to be as stated by the publisher
  • Edited volumes not eligible, but jointly authored books can be considered. In case of doubt the selection committee’s decision will be final.

The author of the winning entry will be invited to give a lecture under the auspices of Bloomsbury Pakistan, if possible in person or otherwise via the internet. Book Prize Guideline PDF

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